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42 Tackles Won – 3 Reasons Why This Mr.Consistency Should Leave Arsenal In Summer

It would be the second year on the run when the eyes would be on Arsenal in the transfer window and people would expect them to get some impressive names in the team. Last season Arsenal surely did not go for a striker, but in the end went for a big name player in Mesut Ozil. While Ozil has failed to live up to expectations in his debut season, the football pundits across the globe believe that Arsenal would go for that elusive striker this season. But before the new additions, the team must continue with the clear-out like it did last summer and one name which features pretty high in the list is Bacary Sagna. It would be a mutually beneficial step for both the club and the player to part ways at this point and we give three reasons to suggest why it would also be a right step for Sagna at the moment, as it would be for the club.


1. Last chance to a mega contract

Everybody is aware of the socialist model of wage system that works at Arsenal. While the club has a principle that it would not pay more than a certain sum to any of the players, it has often been the reason for top players to stay away from Arsenal. Sagna has reached an age where many years are not in front of him and he must ensure a contract and a salary which would put him in the elite league. That is unimaginable at a club like Arsenal and Sagna must look to other options to get that pay rise. While a lot of other clubs have already showed interest in him, Sagna would be in a decent demand during the transfer market and thus a high salary is not impossible a feat for him to achieve.