4 Reasons Why Arsenal Should Have Signed Villa Instead Of Giroud

When Arsenal sold Robin Van Persie to Manchester United, they replaced him with Podolski and Olivier Giroud. The thought that two decent players could cover up the goals of one world class striker gave Arsenal fans a little relief though it was never a solution.


Yesterday’s game against Chelsea was a clear evidence of what Arsenal are missing and what Van Persie could have done if he stayed at the Emirates. Giroud was clear on sight of goal and was almost one on one with Cech when he scuffed his shot wide of goal. It was not even on target and this is not the first time Giroud has done something like this. On contrast if Van Persie had been on that place you can bet your money that he would have scored. On the other end Mata scored a brilliant goal just in a similar position to give Chelsea a 1-0 lead when Arsenal should have been leading the game. Rewind back and there was Van Persie who scored a hat-trick to help Gunners beat Chelsea 5-3 that day, instead Arsenal ended the match losing 2-1 this year. The difference – a quality striker.

So why signing Giroud from a low standard French League is a bad idea, instead of buying Villa from La Liga. Though Villa was injured back then and hardly had any link for an Arsenal move, he would have surely been a better bet than Giroud.

Villa – better option that Giroud ?

1) Experience – He is 31 years old, any many reckon he still has another 2-3 good seasons left in him. That’s the impact he has left on football. No one can deny his ability to score goals and play football. He has lead Spain to victories that have made them the best international side right now. He can also use his experience to guide Arsenal’s squad with tips and tricks of his own. There will be a new drive and motivation with a figure like David Villa around for sure.

 2) Seniority – Again, he’s 31 years old. He has been in more heated games than anyone in Arsenal’s side. The competition and standards in Barcelona is one of the highest in football. Their intense rivalry with Real Madrid and constant drive to be miles ahead of any footballing team leaves very little margin for error in Villa’s head and mindset. Not to mention that while Messi puts other people to shame, Villa is not one of those people.

3) Pep Guardiola – Think about it. Under Pep, Villa was choice #1, alongside Messi. It is only now that Tito Vilanova has arrived, he has fallen down the pecking order. The fact that one of his favourite players is playing with a team that is the most Barcelona-esque in the EPL, he will be very tempted to join Arsenal. And we all know we want that.

4) Cazorla and Arteta – Linking up with his Spanish teammates could do wonders for Arsenal. Of course it doesn’t always work out like that, but we can expect a good outcome with players of this stature. These are not random players from a random team, this is Cazorla, Arteta and Villa linking up we’re talking about.

Written by Dinesh V

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