£30m Deal On For Liverpool As Klopp Is Certain To Buy German Superstar

mario gotze

Bayern Munich attacking midfielder Mario Gotze has turned into a hot topic as the 23 year old has attracted attention from many clubs for a potential move in the summer from Munich.

According to SportBild, three clubs are seriously interested in signing Gotze for the summer transfers namely Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester United. While Juventus and Manchester United approached the club last year enquiring about the player, Liverpool has not made any official move for the player earlier.

While Bayern Munich too are in a spot as the player’s contract with the club expires next summer and if Gotze refuses to sign a new contract with the club when his current contract expires, Munich will end up losing £27m they spent on him. Hence, a transfer this summer will be the best option for the club if they want to get back the amount they spent on the payer initially.

The player may be valued north of £30m, if Munich would like to let go of him this summer.


Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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