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3 things we learned from the incredible Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer Instagram video session

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Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer had a lot of fun on Instagram

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer served up some aces during their fun-filled Instagram session

Spanish sensation Rafael Nadal held a long Instagram session where he brought in rival and friend Roger Federer.

Nadal was speaking on a range of topics and answered some fans questions before allowing the Swiss to join him.

The Spaniard also called on Andy Murray after Federer left. However, there was a lot to pick up from the session with Fedex.

Rafael Nadal has 19 Grand Slams to his name
Rafael Nadal has won 19 Grand Slams in his career (Getty)

Nadal and Federer have 39 Grand Slams between them, but there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between them at all.

The pair joked a lot during the session, and there were some interesting bits from the Instagram session.

Nadal and Federer brought their A-Game and here are three things we picked up:

1) Federer easing himself back to fitness

Federer made big news a few weeks back when he revealed he was going to miss the clay court season after undergoing knee surgery.

Roger Federer has started his own quarantine challenge and spoke about his love for video games and movies too
Roger Federer has started his own quarantine challenge in recent days (Getty)

That would have been a blow to his chances of lifting a few titles, but the coronavirus pandemic has allowed him to recuperate without rushing anything.

Fedex spoke about how his rehab had been going:

“I had a really good first six weeks, then things got a bit slower. Now it’s good again but I have plenty of time obviously. There’s no rush.”

Federer also joked that he didn’t need another surgery while speaking of his quarantine challenge too:

“I’ve been hitting a bit against the wall, doing my rehab and my fitness. The good thing is that the second surgery is easier than the first one. I don’t need to experience a third one, though!”

2) Why is Nadal left-handed?

One big revelation that came out during the session was about Nadal’s left-handedness. Federer highlighted that the Spaniard is actually right-handed. Hence, he found it strange why Nadal would use his left as the dominant hand.

Rafael Nadal is one of the greats in tennis
Rafael Nadal is one of the greats of tennis (Getty)

The answer came from the 19-time Grand Slam champion who explained that he plays most other sports with his right hand.

However, his earlier trainers probably didn’t know which was his dominant hand and continued his development:

“I cannot play righty. That’s just a legend!”

“My basketball skills are with the right, everything else is with the right, but not with football or tennis. I started playing with two-handed backhand and forehand. The people I was working with probably didn’t know if I was righty or lefty.”

Nevertheless, Federer has had some problems while facing the left-hander, but it was probably for the best that Nadal turned out a lefty.

3) Nadal is not Instagram savvy

One of the more light-hearted moments came early on in the session. Nadal had already spoken and was trying to bring Federer into the piece.

However, Nadal really struggled to achieve that, and Federer had a lot of fun after coming online.

Nadal even went on to speak about his troubles and claimed he was a “disaster in everything”, which is a surprise given his success on the courts.

Murray also took a shot at the 19-time Grand Slam champion with a cheeky comment:

“This is brilliant. He can win 52 French Opens, but not work Instagram.”

Nadal is a master on the courts, but online, he needs a bit of help.

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