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3 Things We Learned From Napoli vs Arsenal

Playing it safe won’t always work for Arsene Wenger

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Throughout the game Arsenal didn’t look like threatening and wanted to get back and play behind the ball, something Wenger often complains about other teams doing. Though it may be ugly, it is also effective, as Chelsea won the competition by defending, and when playing a damage limitation game or protecting what you have, it works, but when you face another team with wingers as talented as Dries Mertens and Jose Callejon, it could prove difficult, as Flamini was pulled out of position several times, and without the extra man at the back, Arsenal could be susceptible to pacey strikers. So should they meet Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, a rethink will be needed to avoid annihilation.

Wenger’s team selection was questionable as well. Theo Walcott, since returning from his injury is yet to start a game. Napoli’s encounter would have been the perfect scenario for the speedster to get some match time. While Arsenal were on the defensive mode, Walcott’s presence could have added a threat on the counter.