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If Chelsea improve upon these 3 aspects, no one can stop Frank Lampard’s men from restoring their glory

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Why Chelsea need to improve these 3 things as soon as possible

Frank Lampard has had a pretty frustrating start to his career as Chelsea’s manager, despite establishing himself as a modern-day legend at Stamford Bridge. It didn’t start well as his side saw 4 goals going past them at Old Trafford.

They then drew with Leicester City at home, which could’ve gone either way as it was a game of two halves and the same could be said of the game against Sheffield United. They got their only win against Norwich City in a game that finished 3-2.

Here are 3 things that Frank Lampard must fix during the international break:

  1. Reduce the gap between the midfield and the defence

Chelsea are a high-energy side under Frank Lampard. They need to focus more on pressing from the front and creating chances when the opposition loses possession of the ball.

However, if they are to play such a system, they must press as a unit and leave spaces between the lines. They’re often far too open in the middle of the park and they need to either commit to this style fully or not do it at all.

2. Conserve energy

Chelsea seem to start most games with a lot of energy but fade out in the second half. This has been the case in all their games, barring the one at Carrow Road against Norwich.

The best teams choose their moments instead of pressing frantically. Even Liverpool, who were the most frantic team in the past, have settled down and spend a lot of time recycling the ball to ensure they don’t die out.

Chelsea have players who can retain possession and take the sting out of the game and should use this to their advantage.

3. Give Kurt Zouma and Cesar Azpilicueta a breather

Kurt Zouma
Kurt Zouma

The French international is a very good defender and is coming off the back of a fantastic season but needs a little break. Along with his captain Azpilicueta, he has been responsible for some of the more crucial errors that have lead to goals so far this season.

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They provide a lot of good aspects to Chelsea’s play but a little break on the sidelines should help them get back to their best.