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Man United improving in these 3 aspects would massively solidify their chances of restoring lost glory

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Why Manchester United need to improve upon these 3 things

Manchester United have gotten 5 points from their first 4 games and there have been some positives but they’ve failed to capitalize on their performances and have failed to alleviate the pressure ahead of the international break.

They beat big-six rival Chelsea 4-0 and followed it up with a good performance against Wolves but ultimately drew 1-1 after Paul Pogba missed a penalty.

They followed that up with a 2-1 loss at home to Crystal Palace, who created only one good chance in the whole game after David De Gea made a howler in the final minutes of the game and Marcus Rashford missed a penalty.

This was followed by another frustrating 1-1- draw, where they created a lot of chances and failed to put the game to bed early and conceded a goal in a 5-minute period. Football is a sport of fine margins and Manchester United are finding that out the hard way.

Here are 3 things they must do to turn those performances into results:

  • Assign a designated penalty taker

It’s amazing what a difference having a designated penalty taker would’ve made to this United side.

Rashford has taken some high-pressure penalties and United have been winning a lot of penalties since last season. Hence, there’s every chance they’ll win more as they have a lot of dribblers with pace in their side.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must relieve the burden from the players and assign one person to take penalties to ensure no uncertainties during the game.

  • Play Paul Pogba further up the pitch

Paul Pogba was steadily going about his season till the Southampton game, where he struggled with Southampton’s high-press.

Pogba is a very naturally gifted footballer but he’s not necessarily ever been a very good midfielder. He’s a player who works best in a free-role further up the pitch, where he can carry the ball, create and score goals.

He’s not very good at receiving the ball or breaking attacks in the midfield. United have had a lot of possession of the ball this season and they should just play it further up the pitch to Pogba’s feet and play off of him in the final third.

Paul Pogba
  • Put the game to bed earlier

United have dominated the possession in all of their games and have even created the chances to put to bed but often have shown a lack of urgency until it actually matters.

They’re not a team that only plays well in one half anymore like they were last season as they seem to have become a fitter unit but they’re quite wasteful till it becomes too late. They need to start games with a better tempo.