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3 Things That Manchester United Should Learn From Arsenal

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Manchester United

Going by the way the season is panning out, Manchester United are in real danger of missing out on the Champions League and that would be a real blow to the side, considering how poorly many top clubs have played this campaign.

Louis van Gaal recently stated that he will be staying at the club next season as well and any plans of replacing him just won’t happen. Even though many rumors suggest that Jose Mourinho is set to take over from the Dutchman, United need to be careful.

The side aren’t the club that makes the rules for others to follow, they now need to learn from others and even though they aren’t having a great time at the moment with the fan protests, United still should pick up these three things from the London club.

A proper playing style

Whether you like it or not, Manchester United have no playing style and Arsenal do have a set style. You know what you will get with the side from London when they play a game of football, but for Manchester United it is only about hoofing the ball to Marouane Fellaini more often than not.

Arsenal might not win every game, but they are known for a brand of football and United are more known for hoof ball. Van Gaal is the one who needs to fix this and the faster he does it, the better it will be for the team and hopefully for the fans as well.

Financially responsible

This is a tricky one, Manchester United are in a ton of debt and the rot goes right up to the top. Arsenal though have had a great manager in charge that has been able to move to a new stadium without incurring massive debt.

This is something of a miracle in this day and age of football and even though Wenger is criticized for the lack of silverware, he has ensured that Arsenal will be in the Champions League for years on end, including this one.

Manchester United have to be careful and not always be in the red, they probably will end up outside the Champions League spots and that could be a problem in the long run.

Faith in the manager

Even though Manchester United wants a new manager and Arsenal also want a new manager, at least the majority of the fans do, there is a major difference between the two sides.

United have had Van Gaal for two years while Arsene Wenger has been leading the side for close to 20 years. Wenger has had time to put in his stamp on the side and after its course has run, is it time to move out of the way.

Manchester United on the other hand have not even let van Gaal get enough time to implement his plans, sure they aren’t paying dividends yet but they will in due course. There is no point in sacking him at the moment and it would lead to another cycle with a new manager, keep the faith with van Gaal, at least for another year.