3 Things Brendan Rodgers Must Do To Save His Liverpool Job

From a managerial God to a street footballer who has no shoes, that has been the fall in the stock of Brendan Rodgers this season. His team were close to qualifying for the Champions League, but no wins in the last 4 games has seen that chance go away and the team looks a shadow of the team that was sweeping aside opponents last season.

Brendan Rodgers

With Jurgen Klopp available next season and in all probability coming to England, it could be that one genius replaces Rodgers. Although the Liverpool ownership are behind Rodgers, that doesn’t really mean much in the world of football. We look at 3 things that Rodgers can do to keep his job for next season.

Win the remaining games in style

Although Luis Suarez is gone, Rodgers needs to get his team playing that fluid attacking football like they were doing last season. They not only need to win the last 4 games of this rather poor season but win them in style. That would serve as a reminder to all about what he really is capable off and with a young team under him, they could do something next season but the start of next season will be determined by the end of this season and that end has to be in good terms and in good form.

Play Lambert or Borini

Lambert and Borini might be rotting away on the bench, but they provide more to the Liverpool attack than the static nature of Mario Balotelli. Don’t get us wrong, Balotelli is a good player but he needs someone who is willing to move and makes space for himself, either Rodgers should drop Balotelli or play him with Lambert or Borini to get the most out of the Italian and get the Liverpool strike force scoring again.

Accept his mistakes and be better at interviews

One thing that has irked a lot of fans this season is the stubbornness of Rodgers and his positive and cheerful interviews. He needs to be more critical when his team is not playing well and he has to shoulder some blame for the season that has unfolded. Either that or he does need to throw a couple of boots about in the dressing room as it seems that the players don’t seem to be up for it. Rodgers has 4 games to save his job at Liverpool and if rumours are to be believed, these 4 games have come too late for Rodgers.

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