3 Things Arsene Wenger Must Do If He Is To Stay At Arsenal Next Year

The vultures are out at the Emirates and no one is really happy with how the season has progressed for the Gunners. With just three wins from the last ten games, Arsenal have not only been knocked out of the Champions League and the FA Cup but have also blown their every chance of winning the Premier League title.

Tottenham continued their charge up the table and it is a straight shootout between the Foxes and Spurs for this season’s crown, something which seemed a certainty for Arsenal in January when they were actually trailing Leicester.

But how things change or they actually don’t, Arsenal again collapsed at the start of the year and well this has been a cycle which has repeated itself for years on end. There are many who are calling for the head of Arsene Wenger and well it could be time for him to move away from his position at the club.

Wenger though could still remain at the club simply because of the experience he has and well who is there who is of the same calibre as the Frenchman who could do well for the team? Guaranteed Champions League football is something else, not even Liverpool and Manchester United have been guaranteed that in the past few years and well Arsene has also ensured that the club are not in debt despite the club moving to a new stadium.

Arsene is a legend at the club and here are three reasons how he could remain at the helm next season.

Winning every game

Arsenal have five games left in the season, that is 15 points up for grabs. The Gunners do have a tough game against Manchester City in all this and even a trip to Sunderland. Those two are the biggest remaining tests for this Arsenal team and if they can win everything it should bode well for the next season.

Yes, it won’t achieve anything for this season but it would show that Arsenal can get the job done and well it would also show that Wenger can get the team playing even when they have nothing left to gain. This won’t cheer many fans but it is the best thing that Arsene Wenger can do till the end of the season to get some people off his back.

Having a Plan B

One thing that has been a constant feature of Arsene’s time at the club is his lack of a Plan B. Whether the Gunners play Bournemouth or Barcelona, they go all out as that is the only way to get things done.

Sometimes you have to analyse how to beat the opposition, look at Real Sociedad and Valencia, who somehow beat Barcelona, Atletico Madrid though took a different route to victory but they did neutralise the opposition.

Arsenal do not do that and this has been a criticism levelled against Arsene for years. It is high time Arsene showed that he can tactically beat a team rather than try to bludgeon them with his attacking-possession policy.

Promising to get the right players

Another problem that Arsene has not dealt with is, getting the right players into the side. Arsenal have been crying out for a player such as Tony Adams in defence or Patrick Vieira in midfield for years but Wenger just seems to be deaf to these issues.

Arsenal need steel in the midfield and defence and they need a world class striker to lead them to the title. They have a pretty strong squad but that is about it. Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech are some parts of a jigsaw puzzle but Wenger has to promise and make a concerted effort to sign the right players.

How Arsenal fans rue the mismanagement of the Luis Suarez signing saga, had the Gunners signed Suarez that season, they would have had a couple of Premier League titles to their name already. Arsenal have the financial power to spend and it is up to Wenger to ensure they do next season.

Written by Kevin Harrison

Arsene Wenger

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