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3 Stars Who Will Be Missing Euro 2016: Featuring Manchester City’s Skipper

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Man City's Vincent Kompany had a great game against West Brom

The Euros are coming! The Euros are coming! Praise the Lord as we still have more football to look out for at the end of the club season. Euros 2016 will be the biggest Euros with more teams and more players, but somethings just won’t work out.

The long club season does have an effect on the players and unfortunately a number of stars will be missing out on the Euros. Some are lucky and they could be fit enough to make it to France, but there would be a number of players who won’t be traveling for the European extravaganza.

We list out three players who would be missing out on the Euros and be a huge loss for their national sides.

Ilkay Gundogan

Probably one of the unluckiest players when it comes to injuries for the national team, the German international picked up a knee injury a few days ago and he will probably miss out on the Euros barring a miracle.

The 25-year-old midfielder would have been at the heart of midfield and pulling the strings, but that will not take place for the World Champions in France. Ilkay also missed out on the 2014 World Cup with a serious injury. Germany might be one of the best teams in the world, but not having someone of the caliber of Gundogan would definitely hurt the Germans.

Marco Verratti

Italy might not be the fanciest team in the world at the moment, but Marco Verratti has been one of the few bright sparks in their attack in recent years. The 23-year-old has been excellent for PSG the entire season and will be sorely missed by the Italian side in the Euros.

Verratti is one of the best in his position and Italy have had a history of producing top quality midfielders year in year out. The Azzurri might not have been the favourites for the title, but Marco missing out is a big loss for the national team.

Vincent Kompany

Another Premier League star, we could have also listed Danny Welbeck or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but Kompany is a bigger miss for the Belgian side than the other two players. The Manchester City star has had a stop-start season for the club and the injury issues continue for the 30-year-old.

Maybe missing out on the Euros is not such a bad thing after all, this would allow the central defender more time to recuperate and he can come back stronger and better next season for the Citizens, though he will rue the fact that he won’t be playing for his country in France.

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