3 Reasons Why This Super Box-to-Box Star Should Be Arsenal’s No 1 Target In Summer

With Mikel Arteta’s contract running out and also with age not being on the Spaniard’s side there are several media reports linking Lars Bender to Arsenal. It is indeed a known fact that Arsene Wenger is a huge fan of the German and would do everything within his power to bring Bender to Arsenal, if possible. With a reported huge war chest at Arsene Wenger’s disposal here are three reasons why Lars Bender should be the number one target for Arsenal.

1. Tireless legs to replace an ageing Mikel Arteta:


While Mikel Arteta has indeed served Arsenal well in the last few years it is indeed no secret that the speed of the Spaniard has diminished substantially over the years. Whether Arsene Wenger decides to award Mikel Arteta a new contract or not, the thing which is clear now is that Arteta has to be used much sparingly if Arsenal wants the best out of him. Lars Bender in comparison is a young player with an extraordinary amount of stamina. With a work ethic which puts most athletes to shame he would be the perfect upgradation Arsenal needs in order to realize their dreams in the midst of the lessening of the noose in reference to the stadium debts. The amount of running Bender will be able to do might very well push Arsenal to that elusive Premier League trophy.


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