3 Reasons Why Signing Liverpool’s El Pistolero Is Bad Idea For Barcelona

Now it has become like an annual ritual. Luis Suarez is again being linked to a move out of Liverpool, but surprisingly this time the club is not Real Madrid or Arsenal, but Barcelona. Barcelona are in shambles at the moment and they want to redesign their team and rumour has it that the management want Suarez in the team alongside Messi and other stalwarts. Luis Suarez is a special player and he deserves only the best in the football world. It is not hard to guess why the best clubs across Europe are after him and a move to Barcelona would mean that he gets to do what he does best in a different atmosphere. It would certainly be a huge blow and one would hope that they would utilize the transfer fee better than what Spurs did last season. But will this be a good move for Barcelona to try and get Luis Suarez? We give three reasons we think that Suarez to Barcelona would not make much sense for the club.

Suarez to stay with Liverpool

1. Lack of defenders

Barcelona suffered for a long period last season, not for the lack of offensive displays, but for the lack of reliable defenders. It happened too frequently that the smaller teams would outscore them and would take away points against them. The same also continued in Europe where the likes of Pique and Mascherano proved to be insufficient. Going by Spain’s performance in the World Cup, Pique cannot be called one of the best in the business anymore and Barcelona need to make some kind of alternative arrangements soon. In such a scenario, they need defenders at the moment to restore the balance and the whole transfer committee should be concerned about that. Trying to get Luis Suarez would only harm that process and they would end up on the wrong side.

Written by Dinesh V

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