3 Reasons Why Ronaldo Should Move Back To Manchester United

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Wayne Rooney may head to some other club, as it seems now. The forward has handed United transfer requests and although new manager David Moyes will try to keep his once loyal camaraderie in United, the striker is likely to turn down the request. But the question remains that if United sell Rooney will they be back to the same place they were before the arrival of Van Persie with only one world class striker in the team? That may not be the scenario this time as Ronaldo is weighing an option to leave Real Madrid and make a comeback o United. We discuss here why that should be the ideal situation for all the three parties in the move.

For Manchester United

 Whether or not Rooney goes away, a player like Ronaldo can be a huge boost for any club in the world.  United are still lacking in the midfield and there is no better person than Ronaldo (assuming Messi will never make a move here) to come in. This is one signing that can make United one of the strongest side in Europe, even after the advancements of Bayern and omnipresent Barcelona. Both Ronaldo and Van Persie would be able to complement each other magnificently and their partnership would be a threat even to the strongest of defences in the world.

For Ronaldo

 He has openly stated that he is far from happy at Real Madrid and has dropped certain hints to join his old club. Even after four years after his departure, he is adored by the fans and holds an icon status in the club. He does not get the requisite support on the field at Madrid and that should not bother him at United because the team would be very much be built around him.

For Real Madrid

If a player is not happy in the club and constantly complains about certain things, that disturbs the harmony and the ambience in the team, however big a star the player maybe. Real Madrid must have had enough of Ronaldo’s whining and it is time that they transfer him back to his old club. They certainly have the depth in their squad to compete for the best even without Ronaldo and the huge sum of money that they will receive will provide them with further opportunity to improve their squad.

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