3 Reasons Why Reus To Liverpool Is A Game Changer

When Luis Suarez to Barcelona was announced, there was a consensus that Liverpool is not only losing a brilliant striker to the Spanish giants, but lot more than that. They were losing a star player, who would be in the news continuously, who would help increase the brand value of the club, who would command respect from the oppositions, who would instill fear among the other teams and who would multiply the fan base of the club. Suarez was just not a player for Liverpool, but a lot more than that. He was the focal point of the team, the heart and soul of Liverpool FC.

And with him gone many feared that the club would not be able to attract any more stars to the team and would have to manage with talented players who could be potential stars, but no such big name players. This call change if there is an iota of truth in the latest rumours which claim that Liverpool are very much interested in bringing Borussia Dortmud and German star Marco Reus to anfield this summer. We give three reasons why this would be a very big deal for the Merseyside club.

Gotze and Reus
Marco Reus

1. The star appeal

With the departure of Luis Suarez, Liverpool are in dire need of some star appeal in their team. Steven Gerrard has long been the biggest name in Liverpool, but the captain is not getting any younger and has reached the twilight of his career. This leaves the space for some other player to take up his place and be the biggest name in the team, a name on which the fans can trust upon. Marco Reus is one of the most promising players of the football world and he will be the biggest transfer in Liverpool.

Written by Dinesh V

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