3 reasons why Rafa Benitez back to Liverpool would work

Brendan Rodgers stated that he might be be sacked if Liverpool’s fortunes do not improve, the manager has had a pretty tough season and has been under a lot of pressure ever since the sale of Suarez and the fact that Liverpool have not been able to replace their striker.

Rodgers’ signings have been poor as well and it could be that FSG would want to replace the Northern Irishman. There may be some great managers in line to take the helm at Liverpool but one manager does have some unfinished business at Liverpool and he is a darling for the fans, Rafael Benitez is the man for the job and here are 3 reasons why bringing him back would be brilliant for the Reds.

Rafa Benitez hits out at Chelsea fans
Rafa Benitez

He has unfinished business at the club

Rafael Benitez was fired from the job with the former American owners; he fell out with them and was sacked after a disappointing last season which didn’t go his way. There was always a belief that he never got the support or the funds from the old owners and that was partly the reason why he sold off players like Alonso and Mascherano.

Bringing Rafa back with the new owners would give him the impetus to bring the glory days back to Liverpool; he still has a home at Liverpool and is still loved by almost all the Liverpudlians.

Tactical nous

Rafa Benitez is still considered as one of the best tacticians of the game; he could stifle defences and still win games by scoring the odd goal. He did brilliantly to not only win the UEFA Champions league with Liverpool but he made them a solid outfit, not playing brilliant football but certainly getting the job done.

The one thing he could ensure was that his team would play against better teams and ensure that they do not get beaten by a huge margin. Rafa was again at his best when he took over at Chelsea and won them the Europa League after taking the job midway through the season.

Can use his resources very well

There should be just one line to prove this point, Rafa won the 2005 Champions league with Djimi Traore in his side.

Rafa has always done brilliantly with the limited amount of funds he has been provided and he did make Liverpool a force to reckon with during his time at the club, bringing him back would at least he ensure he can get the best from the squad at Liverpool currently. His ability to make players better was something that was unparalleled for a manager at Liverpool and taking Liverpool to two Champions League finals is something to marvel at.

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