3 Reasons Why Manchester United Shouldn’t Have Given Rooney The New Contract

Recently Wayne Rooney signed a new long term contract with Manchester United. Here are three reasons why United should have sold him instead.

1. Financial Outlay Involved

In-Form Striker Wayne Rooney has been the lone warrior for Manchester United this season

The new contract that has been offered to Wayne Rooney is reported to be in the tune of £300,000 per week, or £15.6m per year. Given that the deal is stated to run till 2019, that means that the new contract is worth more than £70m over the course of five and a bit years. That is a lot of money to invest in one single player.

Considering the fact that Rooney would easily have fetched upwards of £30m, it means that not giving Rooney the new contract and selling him instead would have made £110m available for the club to spend. Not having Champions League football is bound to negatively impact the clubs finances, and such a big financial outlay seems far from prudent.

Written by Dinesh V

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