3 Reasons Why Manchester United Should Not Sign This Real Madrid Playmaker

Manchester United are being watched closely by all football fans who believe that they do have the money to buy quite a few players and breaking a few transfer records. It is no hidden fact that the board does support Louis Van Gaal more than David Moyes and even though the team are in the top 4, they still need a bit of work to ensure that they do finish the league as strongly as possible.

Getting into the UEFA Champions League is the primary objective for the season for United and they would probably be looking to sign a few more players to make that happen. There have been a few rumblings about the situation of Luka Modric at Real Madrid. The 29 year old midfielder seems to be available on the transfer market but for all his undoubted ability, United should not try to go in for the midfielder and here are 3 reasons why.

Age is a big factor

Luka is 29 years old and is coming off an injury which has reduced his game time at Real Madrid, he is now playing a deeper role and does not make as many runs to support the strikers as he used to. Coming back to the Premier League which is a more dynamic and physical league might not be the best move for Modric and United bringing him in would only make it harder for the Croatian to settle in again.

He might have played brilliantly for Spurs a few years ago but a lot has changed and paying big money to bring the talented Croatian should not be looked as an option to make the team stronger.

A different position and a different player

Modric has developed into a deep lying playmaker rather than a player who just sits behind the striker, Rooney already plays in a similar position for Manchester United and bringing in another player to do something like that will not provide United with more of an impetus in attack. Modric also would need players who make runs across the defence and stretching them, right now that would be impossible at United, unless we only count Angel Di Maria.

The price and value

Modric is under contract at Real till 2018, which means he would be priced at a rather high value but being 29 years old he would not be able to provide a lot to Manchester United. Modric might be one of the best players at Real but he has been a bit rusty since he has been injured for a while, him being bought by United would be a mistake not only for his playing style but also for the money to be paid for him.

United should rather work on their defence than bringing the Croatian.

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