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3 Reasons Why Chelsea Is The Most Hated Club On Social Media

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Jose Mourinho

They are on top of the Premier League table and look set to win the title this campaign. But Chelsea’s potential success does not guarantee them popularity. Mourinho and his players are known to take frequent abuse across all social media platforms. The treatment vetted out to them may seem undeserved on some counts, but neutral and rival fans seem to consider their reasons for hating the West London club, genuine.

The price of overachievement

Prior to Roman Abramovich’s acquisition of Chelsea, the club was rarely synonymous with dominance in the English league. Russian money had resulted in an influx of foreign players whose coming together was envied by fans of rival teams. Players who were admired while in other leagues suddenly became opponents. Supporters of other clubs had endured with patience, while their squads were rebuilt over many years. Now just when they were about to be rewarded for their wait, Chelsea were buying their way to the top of the league. An obvious cause for discontent.

The talent and superiority at display is frustrating to watch. For the majority of the season, Chelsea has looked unbeatable. Irresistibly, fans hope to see Chelsea beaten every weekend irrespective of their opposition. Mourinho’s men have lost just 2 games this campaign, thus, giving rival fans more reason to loathe and see them drop points week after week.

Furthermore, the staggering number of diverse managers who have taken to the Chelsea dugout in the past decade provide further evidence of Abramovich’s financial arrogance in dictating footballing matters unfairly, just because he can.

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