3 Reasons Why Arsenal Will Beat Chelsea

2. Arsene Wenger knows Jose Mourinho a little too well

Wenger Arsenal

It doesn’t take a football expert to predict that Mourinho’s system will rely a lot on physical prowess and winning aerial battles, but Wenger has faced that particular game plan more than any other manager in the Premier League. Should he keep to fast short passing and avoid high crosses, it’s already half the battle won, and it is likely Wenger knows very well what he must do. Chelsea will not be able to compete with Arsenal’s possessive style, and could struggle to stop them from passing through the defence, as John Terry is now old and getting slower, while Gary Cahill simply isn’t good enough for a club of Chelsea’s size and stature. Branislav Ivanovic may still pose a defensive threat, but other than that Arsenal could tear their way through the Chelsea backline with swift, intricate passing.

Written by Dinesh V

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