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3 Reasons Why Arsenal Should Sign This Barcelona Number 9

The player we are talking about here is Antonio Sanabria , a Barcelona starlet who has been attracting interest from many top European clubs for his performances in the Barcelona B side.

Barca TV journalist Jaume Marcet said

“Toni Sanabria has become a fantastic number nine. Sharp in his finishing, physically powerful, with quality, and generous”.

Here is why Arsenal should make a move for this wonder kid.

1. To regain their image as a club for young players

Ever since the mega money move for Mesut Ozil, it seems that some of the shine has been removed from Arsenal’s image as a club that promotes young talent and creates their own squad rather than buy it. Though they have been accused of being ‘poachers’ in the past with the likes of Cesc Fabregas joining because Barcelona were unable to offer him a professional contract until he was 18, the Gunners are still very much seen as a club that prefers to groom their players into what they want them to be instead of paying large transfer fees for players that have come to prominence elsewhere. If they manage to bring Sanabria in, it will show that Arsenal are still the big club to go to for young players who are looking to build on their career.