3 Reasons Why Arsenal Should Not Sign This Ex-Bayern Forward

Arsenal have had a problem this season with their strikers, apart from Olivier Giroud, they don’t really have a world class striker and bringing in Danny Welbeck has not provided the glut of goals people expected from the Englishman. Arsenal do seem to be in the market for a new striker to provide cover for Olivier Giroud and they might be in the market for the Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic.

The Atletico Madrid striker might be willing to leave the Madrid-based club at the end of the season, after only signing for them at the start of the season and while he does have a great scoring record at Atletico and at Bayern Munich, Arsenal should avoid signing the Croatian and here are 3 reasons why.

Formation change?

Arsenal play with just one striker up front and that role is taken up by Olivier Giroud, bringing in Mario Mandzukic would mean that they would have to play either of them on the wings or have to play them together as attackers which would mean a change in formation for the Gunners. They have the likes of Ozil and Sanchez who need to play almost regularly and bringing in the Croatian striker would mean a lot of tough decisions which would need to be taken.

Mario hasn’t played in a league as tough as the Premier League

Don’t slate me for this but Mario Madzukic has not played in a league which is as physical as the Premier League, most people do believe that the French League is the closest league in comparison to the toughness of the Premier League and that could be one of the reasons as to why Olivier Giroud has struck up so well at Arsenal.

While Mario has won a lot at Bayern and is scoring goals aplenty at Atletico, he has not ever had to deal with the tough defenders in the Premier League and that would mean that he needs time to adjust to the game here, something which he might not have at Arsenal.

They already have 2 strikers on loan that could come back

Arsenal might sign a striker but they already have the likes of Sanogo and Campbell away on loan, not to forget Lukas Podolski but the German might not return at the end of this season. Sanogo and Campbell have looked decent enough, especially Campbell during the few outings he has had and this loan spell will help the young strikers grow into their role.

Bringing in Mandzukic would not only stunt their growth but it would take Mario time to grow into the team as well, hence it would be better for the Gunners not to sign Mandzukic, unless they wish to change the way they play and play with two strikers upfront.

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