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3 Reasons Why Arsenal Should Buy A Striker In January

The Arsenal front line is as shallow as it can possibly be and lacks star quality. Another striker is in great need at the Emirates, and here are three reasons why.

1. Lack of depth

Giroud is only option for now
Giroud is only option for now

Arsenal have two senior strikers in their entire squad; Olivier Giroud and Nicklas Bendtner. Giroud for starters is a hard working striker that can sit back and hold up play, which is useful, but his finishing is awful. He wastes too many chances and looks timid when facing tough defences. He is also knocked off the ball far too easily and struggles to beat a single defender. Meanwhile, Nicklas Bendtner is a talented individual, whether you like him or not, there is no denying it. However, he is arrogant, lazy and thinks he is too good for Arsenal, when in fact he is probably not good enough. A new striker is needed to give Arsenal more choices when facing large clubs, as if an opposing manager watches Arsenal play, they will know that they will be facing Giroud, and will also know that it isn’t that hard to stop him.