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3 Reasons Why Arsenal Is A Better Option For Riyad Mahrez Than Chelsea

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Riyad Mahrez

It is a battle in London to get the signature of one Riyad Mahrez. Both Chelsea and Arsenal are interested in the 25-year-old winger and it seems that Mahrez will have to make the decision of choosing which colour he wants to represent in London next season.

The Leicester star was one of the best players in the world last season and whichever club he does choose will have gotten a real steal but which team should the 25-year-old pick?

Arsenal or Chelsea? The Gunners might not have been the first ones to make a move for the Algerian but they certainly are a club that has a few pros over their rivals Chelsea.

Here we look at three reasons why Arsenal is a better option for Mahrez than Chelsea.

Arsenal already have a great attack

While Chelsea are trying to get their act together, Arsenal have one of the best attacks in England and Mahrez moving to the club would just accentuate that aspect of the Gunners’ game.

The Leicester City forward could play in an attacking trio with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and that in itself should be reason enough for him to move to Arsenal. The Gunners have a lot of smart players who are technically gifted and with Mahrez also playing alongside some players who seem to be developing telepathic connections; Arsenal could pretty well also pick up the Premier League title along the way.

While everyone is raving about Antonio Conte, he still is an unexplored figure in the Premier League world and no one really knows how the Italian will be able to deal with the pressure of not only managing Chelsea, who have so much media attention on them, but also the rough and tough world of the Premier League.

Arsene Wenger is a seasoned veteran and whether you like it or not, you know what is expected of the French manager of Arsenal. Riyad Mahrez might prefer the comfort of playing for a club that has a settled manager and whose playing style is more or less defined and close to Leicester’s playing style from last season.

Comfort is something that a player would want when moving from one club to another and well with Arsenal that would be a guarantee, well at least we believe so.

Arsenal is a more stable team than Chelsea

What would someone like Mahrez prefer, a guaranteed position in a league and regular football in Europe’s biggest competition or a bit of a hit and miss and a lot of turmoil at a club? Well, the answer would obviously be Arsenal! The Gunners always finish in the top four and more often than not are playing in the latter stages of the Champions League.

Chelsea are always in the middle of an issue somewhere or another and with a new manager coming in, there could be a real chance that Antonio Conte could be sacked even before the end of the season.

That would make life really tough for a player that just moved there. Mahrez would want to move to a stable club and this, more than any other reason, should be good enough for the Algerian to pick Arsenal over Chelsea.

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