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3 Reasons Why Marcus Rashford To Sevilla Would Be A Disastrous Move For Manchester United

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Manchester United have been one of those teams who like to sign youngsters and give them first team minutes even when they have great stars, and seeing the results of those experiments, the Red Devils have maintained this policy throughout the years.

During these years we’ve witnessed the rise of great players at Old Trafford; big names such as David Beckham or Paul Scholes himself. Now, Manchester counts with one of the best youngsters the entire Premier League has seen in the last five years, maybe alongside Dele Alli.

Marcus Rashford is a talented player who has become a great agent in Jose Mourinho’s team, whether coming off from the bench or as a starting player.

Marcus has been showing great things since his debut as a Red Devils and it is not a surprise that the kid is hunted by other teams around Europe. Despite being in one of the best teams in the continent, Rashford has gained some pretenders due to his outrageous season. One of those pretenders is Sevilla, as the current Europa League champion is reportedly interested in Rashford, and Jorge Sampaoli’s team will try to acquire the young lad either this January or next summer.

However, Sevilla is a great team since they are very competitive and now they’re even more with Sampaoli, but we have serious doubts about Rashford’s future at Spain. Regardless the great season Sevilla is having at this moment, making a move to the Spanish team does not seem like the best choice for him. But these aren’t just whims, as we’ll give you three reasons why this situation won’t work out for any party.

He is the most influential substitute for the side


Yes, the young lad has displayed great things along this season, as he has become the number one player to get on the pitch when things aren’t going so well for his team. Alongside Mata, Marcus has become a game changer for Manchester United and his performance against West ham is the perfect example. Mourinho knows this and regardless what the kid might say, the Portuguese boss won’t let Rashford go easily.

Sevilla counts with a lot of good strikers

Sampaoli’s squad counts with a great staff and their strikers can confirm it. Sevilla have signed some great players in last seasons, and they continued to do so under the Argentinian boss’ command. Besides, despite the good attackers they already had, they signed Stefan Jovetic in these previous days, shielding the Sevilla attacking zone, so they obviously don’t need Rashford.

Spanish football is not the right choice for Rashford

Marcus surely has made a big impact in his current team, but he still needs to develop his game, and he wouldn’t be able to do it in Spain. Marcus likes velocity, and if well Spanish football is fast, it does not compare to Premier League. On top of that, it’s very odd to see a British player succeed outside of his homeland, David Beckham being one of the few exceptions to this curious rule.