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3 Reasons Why Manchester United Fans Should Be Optimistic About Next Season

Manchester United have had a couple of rather underwhelming seasons under Louis van Gaal and a drastic change was made when the Dutch manager was replaced by Jose Mourinho for the start of the next season.

The former Chelsea manager seems set to bring in a raft of changes to the club and even though many fear about the future of the club and just what he might do, fans should be happy with the fact that they have the Portuguese.

United have not won a league title since the days of Sir Alex Ferguson and even though it hasn’t been that long, the Red Devils have surely fallen down the pecking order. Mourinho could be the difference maker next season and here are three reasons why Manchester United fans should be optimistic for the upcoming season.

An open season once again

Leicester City did the unbelievable last season and who knows what happens this season as well. The minimum requirement for Mourinho would be at least to reach the UEFA Champions League and with a number of clubs getting new managers, anything is a possibility this season.

Manchester City and Chelsea are bringing in new managers and will be bringing in new players as well. Liverpool don’t seem to be bringing in quality and there are a number of teams who can perform brilliantly on their day. Manchester United might not be in the greatest if positions, but they still could get into the top four.

No Champions League football is good

Even though Manchester United did not make it to the Champions League, they have the Europa League to look into, but that should be a good thing for the Red Devils.

Jose Mourinho would be able to prioritize the league for the Manchester club and that in itself should give them a fighting chance of doing well in the league. The Europa League can be seen as another alternative to playing some of the other players and not mess around.

They should look to concentrate on the league and that should make the job a little easier for the Portuguese manager. Also, the Manchester side can use the Europa League like Liverpool last season and only look towards it if they are sure of not making it into the top four in the league.

It is Jose Mourinho

If there is one man who can get a job done, it has to be Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese has always wanted to take the Manchester United job and now that he has a chance, he probably would like to win the title in his first season.

Mourinho has won the league in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England and it would not be a surprise to see him lift the title. He has already signed Eric Bailly and he could be bringing in a number of other singings. This is a perfect situation for Jose Mourinho to step into and he could end next season with a bang.