3 Reasons Why A Loan Move For This £30m Midfielder Would Be The Best Idea For Tottenham

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Sometimes, you add by subtracting, and letting some guys go from your team is often the right decision in order to bring him back stronger and more ready to contribute. It’s quite often that a signing doesn’t work right away so they start to lose confidence and things get worse and worse, so a loan spell elsewhere is exactly what they need to get their groove back.

Whenever that happens, it’s all about choosing the right team for the player to go to, as you can’t help a rival or another contender improve their side, and you need to send your player to a place where he’ll thrive as a starter so he gets the chance to show what he’s capable of.

That’s the current situation with Tottenham Hotspur’s Moussa Sissoko – the French midfielder who arrived at White Hart Lane with a high praise after an outstanding Euro 2016 with his national team. He hasn’t been able to do anything to help Pochettino’s side since his arrival though.

The Frenchman was one of the main reasons why France got to the final of the tournament they hosted, and Tottenham managed to sign him despite several suitors interested in his services, but know it feels like the best thing to do would be just letting him walk on a loan in order to get some rhythm back, and we’ll tell you the 3 main reasons why.

He’s not needed right now

Mauricio Pochettino has found a great formula for his midfield right now and that position is quite crowded for the time being, so Sissoko is finding it quite difficult to get some steady playing time and that’s just hurting his game even more right now.

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He needs to go to a team where he’s actually needed and get some regular minutes as a starter, and maybe a team with a lower profile such as Newcastle was, as this could be the right move for the 27-year-old.

He’s been struggling mightily

Sissoko has been completely awful since his departure from Rafa Benitez’s team, and he’s actually hurting Spurs chances right now, so Pochettino needs to let him go at least for a couple of months.

The French midfielder has shown his talent several times and we all know he can be a great contributor for any side if needed, but that subpar performances have really gotten into him and he seems lost and without any kind of confidence at all every time he steps on the pitch for Spurs.

His value is getting lower

After those poor performances from him and the surge of players like Harry Winks, it’s very unlikely that Moussa’s going to remain in the first team or the other one unless he gets his act together really soon.

So, every other single team in Europe knows that right now, and they’re just happily watching Sissoko’s value go down and down, so if Tottenham wants to get their investment back when they let him go, he needs to get some playing time elsewhere.

Written by Ernesto Cova

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