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3 Reasons Why This English International Is Wasting His Time At Everton And Should Move To Manchester United

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Ross BArkley

The Merseyside’s club Everton has always been overshadowed by the big guns of England. The side always manages to finish the campaign in the top half of the table, but they might have failed to achieve the same this year.

Everton has never been a popular side in terms of their footballing style, but the team has always been known for producing some great young talents through their academy. The players are targeted by the big names in their teen-age and eventually, the club is left with nothing.

In the recent times, two Evertonians have been hitting the market like anything, John Stones and Ross Barkley. The two English international have been perfect in all the games in Everton’s abysmal season. Both of them have been linked with a move to a different English club namely Manchester United.

Talking about Barkley, he has all the ingredients that are needed to be one of the best in the industry and a right move would surely help his case. He is a typical English midfielder who has the perfect combination of power, vision and pace. But, if he tends to achieve a greater success in his career, it might be the right time for the 22-year-old to leave the club and join Manchester United.

Here, we give you 3 reasons why Ross Barkley should move to Manchester United-

No Bright Future At Everton-

The above headline has been used in term of winning the trophies. Everton will always be a great club in England, but to be very honest, they can never challenge for the title. If Barkley wished to have more success in his career, this is the one of the best reason for his departure. Yes! He is getting a much deserved love from the Everton supporters, but I’m pretty sure that he will receive the same affection at Old Trafford.

The crowd at the Theatre Of Dreams will surely enjoy his arrival and with Manchester United’s crest on his chest, he has a better chance to win the major trophies in the near future. Manchester United had a tough season this term, but sooner or later, the side will manage to bring the trophy back at Manchester. And even with Roberto Martinez at his side currently, it seems very unlikely that the 22-year-old Englishman will learn something new.


Will get featured in Europe’s Prime competitions-

Manchester United’s UEFA Champions League spot is far from gone now, but the side will feature in Europa League next season. Talking about Barkley regarding the same, he is the player who looks more than ready to play in the top level competition.

With the arrival of new managers in the Premier League, Everton will have no chance to go for the European spot in the coming years for sure. He will surely get a regular playtime with Everton, but he can never experience the pressure and intensity of European football at the club. Manchester United’s call will give this youngster a great opportunity in his career to get a regular playtime in Europe’s prime competition.


Will be a Perfect player in United’s rebuilding process-

Manchester United have struggled in the midfield this term and the side surely needs a driving force in the squad, and with Ross Barkley’s arrival at Manchester, the void will be filled. He will surely be a worthy buy for the side in near future.

Being at Everton, he can never experience a playtime alongside some top class players, and Manchester United can present him this for sure and that will surely help him to improve more and more in his career.

The player would never struggle in the team as he has all the experience of the Premier League and he has got the right attitude which might help him to settle quickly at. The youngster has all the right attributes that would help the team to come back on its track and Barkley with Manchester United will surely bring a new power to the team’s midfield.

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