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3 Reasons Why Cheslea Fans Should Be Excited About Signing This Belgian Star

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Michy Batshuayi Tunga

The signing of Michy Batshuayi from Marseille to Premier League side Chelsea does remind a lot of people about Didier Drogba. Michy comes in at around £3 million more than the Ivory Coast legend at around £33 million, but he surely could turn out to be one of the best players ever, if he does fulfil his potential.

He did score with his first touch in the first few seconds after coming on for Belgium in a recent Euro 2016 game and now seems set to do just that for Chelsea as well. It was a surprise signing nevertheless as Crystal Palace seemed to be in the race to sign him up.

Chelsea though, might have pulled off a coup and the Blues fans should be glad they got such a talented player when many other clubs were looking to sign him.

Here are three reasons why Chelsea fans should be excited with this signing.

The perfect Drogba replacement

When Romelu Lukaku was signed by the Blues way back when, they all expected him to become a shadow of Drogba and play just like the former Chelsea star. Lukaku’s time to shine came at West Brom and then at Everton and now it could be time for Batshuayi to fulfil the prophecy.

The 22-year-old is strong in the air and can finish as well, something that Drogba was known for. Maybe after all these years, Chelsea have found a player who can become just the striker they have always wanted.

A keen Assister

While everyone has been raving about his goal scoring prowess, especially with 25 goals last season for Marseille but he is someone who can create goals as well and is known for his dribbling ability as well.

The Belgian had nine assists last season and it certainly would be great to see just how well he adjusts to Antonio Conte’s style of playing football. Batshuayi is one of the best players in Ligue 1 and maybe his time in the Premier League could be something that turns into more than just a goal fest with the Belgian helping the other players.

Raw talent that can be made right

What Chelsea have on their hands is a diamond in the rough and they should not mess up with him like they did with Lukaku. They however have a new manager in Antonio Conte and he could do a great job with the youngster.

Batshuayi can be moulded into exactly what they need and he already is a great goal scorer, so that should not be a problem. What they need is to work on is his consistency and other smaller aspects which can make him incredible.

Chelsea might just have got their Drogba and he could turn out to be a better player than the Ivorian also, as long as they treat him right.