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3 Reasons Why Chelsea need A Marquee Signing This Summer!

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte will be taking over Chelsea, after the Euro 2016 tournament in France concludes. His Italy side are looking good at the moment, as they beat the defending champions Spain by a couple of goals and knocked them out of the competition. The defence minded approach that the former Juventus boss has applied has worked well for his team, who were through to the knockout stages as group leaders and will now face World Champions Germany in the quarter final stages.

Once the Italian main-man is done with his duties as the national side’s coach, he will be heading to Stamford Bridge, looking to improve things for the Premier League giants, who struggled to impress in the previous campaign.

Things are expected to be quite different under Conte, who is currently trying to sign big players for the west London side, whom he hopes to start in his side for the upcoming campaign. Here are three reasons why the Blues really need to get a marquee signing this summer, if they wish to challenge for some major titles in the upcoming season:

3. To assert his arrival at the Premier League stage:

Conte needs to make a strong statement once he arrives in England, as he hasn’t previously managed a club in the Premier League, despite his success in his native country. A marquee signing will definitely help him do that, as it can help him send a message to the other top clubs who will be competing against Chelsea, in the race to win the top flight of English football next term. The Londoners do have the money to spend and they need to show that they are willing to do so, in order to be taken seriously. Conte knows the type of players he wants to bring in, as he has already made it clear he will be playing the ones who can fit into his style of football well. This could mean that a big signing could definitely coming in this summer.

2. Help him retain some of his departing players:

When a manager spends big to buy a new high quality star, it only shows that he is heading in the right direction and his ambitions of winning. Conte is well respected and if he ends up adding another top star to his squad, it could lift the morale of the players and the fans both. Some stars who might be considering leaving the club might even stay for a season or two, just to see how things go with the changes the new boss makes. Also, the opportunity to play alongside a world-class is sometimes a big temptation for the younger less famous stars as well, which could possiblu have a positive impact on his side as well.

1. Fill the void in the current Chelsea squad:

There are certain areas in the current squad that need major improvements and Conte will want to focus on those first. A big money signing could help change that and the new player that might come in, could link up well with his team-mates and also help strengthen other areas on the pitch as well. We have often seen a big signing makes a huge difference to the entire team’s play, adding fresh energy and enthusiasm and this could be the case if Chelsea get their hands on one such talisman as well.