3 Reasons Why Barcelona’s Mega Star Should Never Reunite With Pep At Manchester City

City hope to cash in on Guardiolas relationship with Messi

A big club needs to have big stars if they want to remain competitive and locked up as one of the main forces in the world. So, it’s only natural to see the greatest players in the world constantly being linked with a lucrative move to a huge club.

Modern football has completely revolutionized the transfer market lately, as the most powerful (financially speaking) teams in the world often tend to overpay for players just so they can lock them up for the long run and prevent other clubs from stealing them away, creating a huge amount of unbalance between the big and the small institutions.

One of those clubs that’s been getting more and more aggressive on a yearly basis since being acquired by one of the most prominent shareholders in the world is Manchester City, as the citizens have been one of the most active clubs when it comes to signing over the past few years.

That spending tendency have provided them very good results, though, becoming one of the major forces in the English Premier League nowadays, although they’re still struggling to transcend in the European competition.

So, it seems like patience has come to an end at the Etihad Stadium, as the citizen ownership has allegedly informed FC Barcelona that they intend to make a record-breaking £100million bid for the biggest star their club has had in their successful history: Lionel Messi.

Even if this move would sound like the best thing that could ever happen to the Citizens, finally reuniting Messi with Pep Guardiola, we believe that this could actually wind up being the most disastrous move ever made by a football club, and we’ll give you the 3 main reasons why this just shouldn’t happen –

His legacy would take a major bump

Messi has been the face of Barcelona since he made his professional debut for the Blaugrana. And even with amazing players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho in the same squad, Messi has always been in the spotlight.

The Argentinian has given everything to the Catalan club, so even if they couldn’t complain about what he’s done for them, he needs to retire as a Barcelona player, and he must do so (unless he decides to retire at his native Newells Old Boys at Argentina, which seems quite unlikely), so he should never leave the club even if it means snubbing Pep.

Written by Ernesto Cova


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