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3 Reasons Why Arsene Wenger Should Be Replaced Even If He Wins The League Title

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Arsene Wenger

Hopes for a third FA Cup crown have been ended by a brilliant Watford side that took Arsenal to task. The Gunners did wake up in the second half of the second half and could have secured a draw but on overall play, it was the right result for the Gunners.

Arsenal were poor and now look to face Barcelona in the away leg of their UEFA Champions League clash. The Gunners are two goals down and progressing in the Champions League will need a minor miracle, even chances of winning the Premier League are slim but Arsenal still have hopes of winning a title this season.

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

Doubts have always been creeping in on the Arsenal faithful about the ability of their long-serving manager, Arsene Wenger to taking them to the next level or even winning the Premier League or the Champions League.

Even if the Gunners do win an unlikely trophy, here are three reasons why Arsenal must replace the Frenchman at the club.


We all know that Arsene was incredible and changed the team around when he was named as the manager a long while ago but at that time he was a visionary, not anymore. The Frenchman has done a lot for the Gunners but he is stubborn when it comes to his playing style at the club.

Arsenal haven’t really changed much for a number of years and even when he knows that certain players cannot fulfil the duties that they are set out to do, he will not change his playing style. Even when taking on tougher teams, you need to change tactics but Arsene will not bow down to that. This has cost Arsenal time and time again and it could cost Wenger his job now.

Dealings in the transfer window

Time and time again, Arsene hasn’t bought the right players when needed to the club. They need a central defender and a striker who are world class but he is not willing to get them though he did get things right with Petr Cech in this window.

Similarly, they could have got Suarez from Liverpool if he did not send that ludicrous 40 million and one pound bid. Arsene has the money to spend but refuses to do so and it certainly comes back to haunt the side more often than not.

No major trophies in a decade

The biggest gripe that most Arsenal fans have, Arsenal is too big a club not to have won the Premier League in over a decade, especially after all the talk about the right spending and no debt at the club.

A new stadium and a new era in football needs a new start. Arsene has been one of the greatest ever and it is not that there should not be a relationship between the clubs, he should move to the board and still oversee the finances but not the team, even if he somehow miraculously wins the league or the Champions League.