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3 Realistic Replacements For Arsene Wenger At Arsenal: Featuring Ex- Chilean Manager

It all seems to be going horribly wrong at Arsenal now, while fans have voiced their concerns about their manager staying on for another season, it seems the trust in Arsene Wenger is finally gone as many fans are setting up to protest the manager’s inability to win the Premier League crown despite the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City struggling this season.

Arsene should pick up from this and decide to move to the board of Arsenal. We do not want him to leave a club that he has nurtured and taken care of for so many years but certainly, he does need to move aside and let someone else take the team to the top or at least provide them with some stability and steel, which has been missing for a number of years.

Two of the biggest Arsenal supporter groups are set to hold placards that read, “Time For Change. Arsenal is stale – fresh approach needed”. Keeping this in mind, we look at three managers who could do the job at Arsenal and win the elusive Premier League title with them.

Diego Simeone

The man who seems to do no wrong, Cholo, as he is affectionately called has taken Atletico Madrid from the ignominy or mid-table finishes to being actually title contenders time after time. His brand of football might not be eye-catching but it certainly gets the job done and with another Champions League semi under his belt and a chance to win La Liga also, the Argentine could be the one who provides that steel to Arsenal.

Simeone prefers his team to be tenacious and tough on the opposition, something that has not been the style at Arsenal for years. This might come as a culture shock to some of the players at the club but this is exactly what they need at the moment. It might be hard to tempt Diego away from Spain but a fresh challenge could well be something he looks forward to.

Laurent Blanc

The 50-year-old PSG manager just led them to another Ligue 1 title and this too in record time. Blanc has dominated French football for a number of years with the Parisian club and it could be time for him to try his luck elsewhere.

Blanc though needs another challenge and moving to Arsenal would be a great option for him. He knows the Premier League thanks to his playing time at Manchester United and with a Frenchman at the helm of the club, the World Cup winner could do a great job at the club. Blanc isn’t as hard as Simeone is but he still is a tough character and that would be the perfect thing for Arsenal.

Jorge Sampaoli

A student from the Marcelo Bielsa school of football, Jorge Sampaoli has been without a club since resigning from the Chile job in 2015. He did lead the side to their first ever Copa America win in 2016 and was in line for the Chelsea job until he turned it down and Antonio Conte took over.

If we were speaking of culture shocks with Simeone, this would be like an alien coming to wake up the Arsenal sleeping giants. Sampaoli will make the Arsenal players work harder than ever before but the results will come. The big question is will the Arsenal players react after years of mediocracy? That is something which only time can tell.