Trusting Players Like Fellaini: 3 Realistic Reasons Why LvG Must Be Sacked

LvG’s staying will affect Manchester United’s Global reputation-

This is one of the main reasons why Louis van Gaal must be sacked in the first place. At the time of Alex Ferguson or even David Moyes, United’s fan base hit the storm and it was declared that it is Manchester United who has the largest fan support from around the globe.

What a new football fan is attracted towards is the Club’s success. And we all know what Manchester United have achieved during the Dutchman’s tenure. Even the club has observed a decline in their finances in recent times. Big companies around the world will invest only if you have a strong and a large fan base. Yes! United still have a great fan support, but keeping the future prospect in mind, it is written on the rock, that United will go through what Liverpool experienced in their last 10 years.

Fans’ support will surely decline and that will affect the finances again and then, the total worth of the club will go down as well. With van Gaal at United’s side, the future is surely in danger in terms of the finances.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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