Trusting Players Like Fellaini: 3 Realistic Reasons Why LvG Must Be Sacked

Trusting Players Like Fellaini-

Manchester United was the club that played a very creative and interesting football. The players played for the club and most importantly for the fans. To be very honest here, the current squad of Manchester United has lacked everything that the previous stars had. Most of their victories this season has been the lucky ones.

Fellaini had a good season under van Gaal last season, and even the fans appreciated the Belgian for his performance. But coming to this year’s contribution, he has done nothing. It is very obvious that United will go for the long ball ‘philosophy’ if Fellaini is introduced and it is the same story that has been running from the start of the season. Besides scoring goals, elbowing the opponents he has not done anything good.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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