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3 Pros Of Having This Man At The Helm Of Chelsea – Good Job Roman

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte

Chelsea did land a big eagle when they signed Antonio Conte as their next manager. The former Juventus and current Italy manager has been one of the best Italian coaches in recent memory and it was a bit of a surprise to see the 46-year-old decide to step down as head of the national team at the end of Euro 2016.

The London club have had a rather poor season, with barely anything to play for. Conte could actually be taking over a side that does not have any European games at all next season, something which hasn’t happened all that often at Chelsea during the Premier League era, let alone the Roman era.

Conte though does have a great resume, especially when he was managing Juventus where he led the Serie A side to three titles in three years. Winning that championship with Juventus might not be the toughest thing in the world but winning the Premier League is tough but Chelsea fans should not worry as Conte does come in with a few pros.

A transformation

Juventus, prior to Conte signing did not have the best of seasons and well was an average Serie A club. Sure they were big but they didn’t challenge for the title as they were still dealing with a lot of the issues surrounding their match-fixing scandal, all those years ago.

Conte was a former Juve player and he was chosen as the man to change things around. Things might not have started too well for him but he did ensure that the Old Lady returned to the top of the Italian league and won everything that was there to win domestically.

Chelsea have had one of their worst seasons in Premier League history and well who better than the Italian to make a magical turnaround for the side that does need a bit of a change, especially at the top.

The right attitude

Antonio Conte resigning from the Italian job, sorry had to put that pun in, might not have surprised many. The breed of club managers is completely different to those in the international management scene.

Conte was known to be a tough character in management, working hard with his players day-in and day out. That was not a possible scenario with international management but the right attitude would be back at Chelsea with the Italian in charge.

Hard work and a never-give-up attitude are what Conte’s Juventus side were known for and this is something that he will bring to the club and they could do with some steel in the team as well.

Italian signings

This is the big one, this is something that can transform Chelsea. When Jose Mourinho picked up Chelsea he did bring in some big signings but some of his best players were those from his earlier team, Porto.

Deco, Ferreira and Carvalho were all part of that incredible Porto team and Conte could be looking to raid his old club or the Italian league for some important signings for the Blues.

Chelsea need new blood in almost every department and Conte could bring in some stars from the Serie A. This does depend on how much money Chelsea are willing to spend, give Conte the cash and see the difference next season.