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3 Premier League Managers Whom FA Should Think About Signing To Replace Roy Hodgson Including Crystal Palace Manager

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England have done it again at an International tournament by losing to Iceland, a country that has just 300,000 people. The Three Lions were tamed rather easily by the side and exited Euro 2016 with their tails behind their legs and the damage has already been done to the side with manager Roy Hodgson tendering his resignation.

The former Liverpool, Fulham and Switzerland manager won only 3 games in 3 international tournaments with England and now the FA have a big job on their hands as they look for a suitable replacement for the English team.

England have always struggled in international tournaments and maybe they need to look into their own game and bring in someone fresh who is not afraid of making some of the tough decisions and kick a few people where it hurts to get his point through.

We look at 3 English league managers who could do well in the job and should be listed out as potential candidates for the poisoned chalice that is the England managerial role.

Rafael Benitez

We aren’t saying that Benitez should leave his Newcastle job and work for England only, after all, many managers have been able to deal with the dual roles and the Spaniard already knows the English circuit quite well to make a few drastic changes.

Whether you like it or not, Benitez has been successful wherever he has gone and even if his Real Madrid stint was not the greatest, he did keep them in a fairly reasonable spot. The former Liverpool manager also is tough to beat in cup competitions and he could be the right man for the job for England.

Alan Pardew

The Crystal Palace man might not be the most popular choice but he is one of the most passionate managers around and the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeve could be the kick that the English players need.

He might have fallen foul of head-butts earlier in his managerial career but isn’t that what we need in the English team again, passion? Pardew would certainly ruffle a few feathers, he might not have won much in his career but most of the England managers of the recent past have not and maybe, just, maybe, he could be the right man for the job.

Jose Mourinho

If you need someone to make all the tough decisions and get things right, even by making a few enemies along the way, you have to go with the new Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho. The former Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid manager has won everything there is to win in club football and could be thinking of taking on an international job.

Mourinho will probably drop a lot of players who aren’t doing well and could very well lead England to a title in international football. He might not be the most popular manager in the world but he gets results and for England fans that is the most important thing at the moment, not the way they play football.