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3 Potential January Transfer Targets For Liverpool To Look At

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Despite a month and a half remaining for the January Transfer Window, there is already a flurry in the market and the Reds from Merseyside have already been linked to quite a number of names who can effectively bolster their squad come new year, with the hope of securing a top four finish.  The rumour mills have already been predicting that certain players are almost sure to join Liverpool come next January, so we here at Soccersouls we decided to present our readers with the realistic targets rather than dwelling into fancy imaginations.

Diego Capel:

This has perhaps been the umpteenth time that the Sporting Club de Portugal player has been linked with the Reds. The former Sevilla winger is a technically gifted winger however he plays very wide, something which might not entice Brendan Rodgers, given the latter’s liking for technically versatile players. Capel though is available for as low as £5million according to the same report from the Mirror which looks like an affordable price for Rodgers to think about.

Moreover he has that exquisite talent to beat opposition defenders with quick feet and possesses a very high work rate, something which is an asset for any team. Something which Liverpool had lacked in a plyer since the days of Dirk Kuyt. Well it’s tough to see nowadays Liverpool signing a player behind closed doors but  this 25-year old Spanish International is worth the cash.