3 Potential Gerrard Replacements For Liverpool (Featuring 2 Serie A Playmakers)

Every Liverpool fan’s worst nightmare has finally come true, well at least for the fans who grew up from the 2000’s. Steven Gerrard played his last game in a Red jersey against Crystal Palace and although the team lost the game, it was academical. The more pressing concern for Liverpool would be a return to the Champions League and finding a player who can bring as much to the club as Gerrard has.


To be honest, replacing a player like Gerrard will not be easy, it in fact is impossible to replace Gerrard all Liverpool can actually do is try to get a player who can play Gerrard’s role in midfield and finding someone like that will not be easy. We look at 3 players who could come and do a job for Liverpool and hopefully reduce the impact of Gerrard’s absence.

James Milner


Before the eyebrows are raised and I get cursed, James Milner might not be a like for like player in Gerrard’s mould but he can provide a lot to a Liverpool side which needs players with experience. Milner has loads of experience of playing in the Premier League and is adept at playing as a defensive midfielder or a central midfielder, he can even play out in the wings but it is his ability to play in central midfield which makes him a leading candidate to play for Liverpool next season, plus he is available on a free.

Written by Dinesh V

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