3 Major Weaknesses Of Arsene Wenger: Not Always Moving Well In The Transfer Market

Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Chelsea was a bit of a surprise when it comes to the form the two clubs had carried into the clash but many followers of the Premier League weren’t all that flummoxed when the Blues defeated the Gunners thanks to a goal from an old adversary, Diego Costa.

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

The Gunners did try to get back into the game after the red card to Per Mertesacker but certain failings of Arsene Wenger were brought out to light. The French manager of the club might be one of the longest serving coaches in the history of the game but even someone as revered as Wenger has a few failings which do get picked on quite often.

The Professor might be teaching some of the new managers a lot when it comes to sticking and performing at one club but he also has a few things which others take note off. Don’t get us wrong, Wenger is an excellent manager but everyone has a few issues and here are the three biggest weaknesses Wenger has.

Transfer tales

Even after the signing of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez for big bucks, Arsene Wenger does have a few doubters when it comes to his transfer dealings. While Arsenal do have a plethora of midfielders with a few of them coming back to full fitness, he still went ahead and signed Mohamed Elneny in the window when he should and could have purchased another striker or defender.

Arsene doesn’t seem to dig into the transfer window, we don’t know if he is scared of spending too much money on players, he has spoken about an inflated market earlier but with almost every team spending to make their teams stronger, Wenger should not worry about spending money but ensuring that he spends wisely and gets the players that are needed in the team.

The inexperience creeping in

As stated at the start of this piece, not many were actually surprised by the 1-0 loss against Chelsea ta home. Arsenal have a history of somehow managing to mess up great chances of actually achieving things. They didn’t make their life any easier at the start of the season when they made a hash of the UEFA Champions League group stage and just about squeaked through.

They did the same thing in the league with a loss against bottom half opponents this season. Arsenal should be clear at the top of the table and the only reason why they aren’t is because they just don’t have the ability to finish teams off when the chips are down.

Stubborn nature

Being a little stubborn is a good thing but not learning from mistakes is another. Arsene might be one of those who believes in his youth system but he doesn’t actually bring in as many players quickly through the ranks as he probably could. It was only a spate of injuries that bought Francis Coquelin back from his loan spell quickly that gave him a chance to show what he is capable off.

The same issue was with the progress of Joel Campbell and countless others, yes Arsene has had a rather poor time with the likes of Senderos, Djourou, Diaby and others but certainly he should be more trustworthy of his youngsters than just thinking that a player can only play for the first team when he hits X years.

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