3 Likely Candidates To Replace Mourinho At Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho’s time at Real Madrid has been a turbulent one, marred by poor relationships with the clubs top players such as Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas. He has found it difficult to make his mark on the club. Still, he could leave on a high. The Champions League may not evade him, after steering his way past Manchester United, Real Madrid are now one of the favourites. When the Summer hits, Mourinho’s time at Real will be over. Who will replace him?

Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti is name that has been thrown about by the media. The experienced manager has ‘seen it all’ managing AC Milan, Chelsea and PSG to name a few. Ancelotti would be an ideal manager, used to handling a team full of stars. It is fair to say, he was probably the best Chelsea manager in the last 10 years other than Jose Mourinho. Spanish football provides new pastures for him, it could be the ideal get away from the PSG project which might implode.

Michael Laudrup - A perfect replacement for Arsene Wenger?

In a recent poll, the Real Madrid fans voted Michael Laudrup as their third favourite for the Real Madrid job. The youthful manager has earned plaudits since taking over at Swansea, with many suggesting he has enhanced the style of play Brendan Rodgers has left behind. It does seem unlikely that Laudrup will leave Swansea, the Capital One Cup victory marked the start of something new. He is certainly a possibility for the hot seat at the Bernabeu in a few years time, especially with his pedigree in Spanish football management.

On top of the poll for managerial candidates, the Real Madrid fans voted Rafa Benitez as their favourite. A manager going through the most difficult spell of his managerial career in managing Chelsea, this season has certainly been a learning curve for him. With success with Chelsea still a possibility, he has the ideal opportunity to put himself in shop window for clubs such as Real Madrid. His excellent man management skills, along with his unprecedented success in the Spanish League. He is the ideal replacement for Jose Mourinho.

Andre Villas Boas is name that Tottenham fans wouldn’t want to be linked to the Real Madrid job. The young Portuguese manager is finally finding his feet in the Premier League and he’s doing it well, making him seem an ideal fit for Real Madrid. With his own innovating ethos and man management style. He is a Real Madrid manager in terms of the type of manager he is. Real Madrid could be the bane of Tottenham, they could take both Bale and AVB in one sweeping move. Unforgiving and ruthless from the World’s biggest name.

Whoever takes over at Real Madrid, the main aim is to overhaul Barcelona at the summit of La Liga. This season has been a massive failure in terms of the league, the side simply put their foot off the gas after the record breaking season last year. Real are salvaging the season now, but next season may mark the start to simply break away and assert themselves as footballs dominant force.

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