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3 Like For Like Michael Carrick Replacements That Manchester United Should Consider Signing This Summer

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Manchester United are surely in a state of transition. With no certainty of the manager’s future at the club, most of the players are rumored to leave the club.

One of those many names who are rumored to leave the side is the midfield Maestro Michael Carrick. The player joined Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspur in the summer of 2006, when Sir Alex Ferguson splashed £18.6million.

Carrick at that time was bought to replace the void of the former captain Roy Keane. Carrick settled very well into the squad and partnered up with Paul Scholes. With Paul Scholes drifting up forward, Carrick was used as a deep lying midfielder and the player eventually adopted the position well. Carrick eventually became the club’s most precious possession. He never relied on pace or physical attributes, his typical ball winning technique and reading of the game made him one of the best for United.

The player is always well positioned and that allows him to intercept the attacks of the opposition. His distribution of the ball is out of the world and his creativity plus his range of passing made him one of the best in Europe. He is never highlighted in his entire career and maybe, this is the time for Michael Carrick to leave the club as the side is no longer the same he previously played with.

Here are the 3 replacements for the Midfield Maestro that Manchester United can consider-

Adrian Rabiot-

Just like Michael Carrick, Adrian Rabiot has never caught the spotlight he surely deserves. His style of play is somehow similar to that of Carrick. The French man does not rely on pace and instead he is praised for his brilliant reading of the game.

He didn’t have many chances this season in the French league, and that is the reason, he will be tempted to make a move to the Premier league, and if that is a possibility, Manchester United should make a move for the 21-year-old French midfielder. In his 24 appearances for the side this season, he possesses an average passing accuracy of 91% and that is the trait Carrick is known for.