3 Games That Could Still Decide The Fate Of Premier League Title

As it looks at it this position, Manchester City are on their way to win the league on basis of goal difference. Everton could not steal points off City and thus Liverpool’s hopes were dashed. If both City and Liverpool go on to win their remaining matches, then City will clinch it on virtue of scoring more goals. But when one is talking about the Premier League, one must remember that the equations may drastically change in the next week itself and a complete different results may come out. Here we take a look at three games that may still change the outcome of the league from this position.

Crystal Palace Vs Liverpool

Crystal Palace would need more than this Team Effort to take away something tomorrow

Crystal Palace have been a surprise package this season with them giving all the top teams a run for money. Tony Pulis was always known as a manager with sturdy defence, but he has taken that to a all new level this season with the work that he has done with the Palace team. Palace, who were not expected to stay in the Premier League at all, are finishing with a best ever league position, thanks to the style that he has played this season.

Liverpool have been shaky against teams who tend to block their defence and hence who do not allow them to play open football. This was evident during the Chelsea match. Now if Liverpool falter against Palace today, the race for the title will be well over with City being in an advantageous position and Liverpool failing to catch them up without a miracle.

Manchester City Vs West Ham

Sam Allardyce

Manchester City have their last match against the Hammers and they can be crowned champions on that very day. But West Ham are no mean team with Big Sam’s side giving tough fight to Liverpool recently. West Ham play a typical English style of football which is not very common in Spain. City manager Pellegrini has spent most of his managerial career in Spain and thus he may be sceptical to deal with such a style in such a crucial juncture. This may hand over an unexpected win to West Ham and thus City may lose the title on the very last day of the championship. This will hand Liverpool their maiden English Premier League amid dramatic scenes.

Cardiff City Vs Chelsea

Jose Mourinho

It will look a bit overstretched, but if both Liverpool and City lose by big margins in their remaining matches, it will be left to Chelsea to beat Cardiff with a big goal difference and clinch the title. Cardiff have already been relegated and thus have nothing to play for. This would not be any good for their confidence and they would be the best team for Chelsea to prey upon. But for this to happen, it is absolutely necessary for the remaining two teams to drop points and give Jose Mourinho and his team a favour. That looks unlikely at this stage of the Premier League right now, but you can never trust the Premier League to give you surprises!


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