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3 Formations That Will Save Moyes’ Job At Manchester United

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Despite the arrival of the supposed “savior” Juan Mata, Manchester United have continued to struggle and have managed only four points in three games since his arrival. Although the Spaniard has had an impact on the proceedings with his three assists in 3 games, there are more overhauls needed to turn the ship around. If United slip further down, there is a chance that Moyes may get fired with many fans already lost faith on the former Everton man.

adnan januzaj david moyes

David Moyes’ squad is currently full of players who are good as backup options, but are not the right fit at this moment to come into the starting eleven and make an impact. So, looking at the options available to him, here are some of the options that he could use.

1. 4-2-3-1

United could continue to rely on the young shoulders of Adnan Januzaj in the current formation that they are using with Mata playing off the right side. Rooney is dropping deeper into the hole to get the ball, and United can persevere with this formation in the hope that it will click, and when it does, goals will flow.

However, this formation leaves the pitch very narrow as both Mata and Januzaj love to drift into central areas and require the fullbacks to put in that extra effort to provide the necessary width in the final  third. The problem is that on counter attacks, United’s wings are left exposed when the two midfielders are unable to cover for the advanced full backs.