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3 Crazy Transfers That Could Still Happen Involving Liverpool And Manchester United

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David de Gea will start for MAnchester United amid his transfer rumours

The transfer window is a bit of a gamble and no one really knows what can happen during these months of madness. While some clubs break the bank to sign big names, such as the signing of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, some of the teams take a bit of a punt and end up signing players for fees that don’t make sense, such as Gonzalo Higuain’s fee to join Juventus.

While those are still acceptable, there are a number of transfers that just are crazy for one reason or another. This transfer window is no different and here are three signings that would make you go as ‘why did the club do that?’

Moussa Sissoko to Real Madrid

It isn’t a surprise that Real Madrid wants to sign a big name this summer window, what is surprising is the name they are linked with. So the club might not be able to sign Paul Pogba but it does seem that the side is looking to sign another Frenchman but this isn’t Antoine Griezmann or something of that calibre.

Oh no, the Madrid club is linked with a move for Moussa Sissoko of Newcastle, yes the same club that was relegated last season. Newcastle have a top manager now in Rafa Benitez and it would be fun to see if he would be willing to sell one of their star players to the club that sacked him last season.

Sissoko might be a good player but he is not Real Madrid-quality but it does seem that there is actual interest from the Galacticos and this would be a freaky signing indeed for the club.

David de Gea to Real Madrid

This has been going on for quite a while but things have died down a bit. The same was the situation last season only for a faulty fax machine to hold up proceedings. It would not be a surprise to see the talented goalkeeper move to the Spanish side should Real stump up the money and also chip in with a player or two, mostly Keylor Navas.

This deal though seems a little weird given the fact that Real have a pretty good goalkeeper and bringing in De Gea would only make them lose out on more money for a player that they do not really need.

Manchester United also selling De Gea would not be making the wisest decision in the world but in football, it isn’t always the smartest decision makers who end up winning all the trophies. Jose Mourinho has always sold big name players for ludicrous amounts and this could be no different.

Mario Balotelli to Ajax

This one has to be the craziest rumour to have come out since Liverpool were linked with Luis Suarez after the player had a slow start at Barcelona. Balotelli is not a player that any club would want to touch with a 15-foot pole, let alone sign him and make him play for the side.

The Italian hasn’t fit into any club since making it big for Manchester City all those years ago and even Jurgen Klopp wants him to go but there are no takers or so it seems.

The Dutch club have a history of working with great young players but no one expects Balotelli to do well anywhere anymore. Frank de Boer might just be the man who fixes all this and with one of his main strikers Arkadiusz Milik leaving Ajax this transfer window, it would not be a surprise seeing him move for Balotelli, who would be cheap and could have the fire inside him to prove he still has got it.