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3 Chelsea Stars Who Will Have To Forget The Previous Season And Need To Work Hard

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Eden Hazard

A new season beckons in the Premier League and most clubs are working hard for the preseason before the big day. Chelsea also are doing their best to ensure they do not have to deal with another similar debacle as last season.

The Premier League club won’t have any European football this season but that does not mean the players can take the foot off the accelerator as Antonio Conte will ensure that everyone does more than what is expected from them.

The taskmaster pulls no punches and would want all the Chelsea players to perform to the max and anyone not doing that could well be off in the January transfer window. Chelsea don’t have too many games either and all the players have to give it their all.

A few players though have to do much more than others and here are three Chelsea stars that need to pull up their socks this season.

Eden Hazard

The might Eden Hazard looked half the player, even one-fourth the player he did a couple of seasons ago when he played under Jose Mourinho in the 2015/16 season. For some reason, things did not click for the talented winger and he could only muster up four goals in the Premier League.

He in fact, went almost till January of the next year, the 25-year-old Belgian was even linked with a move to PSG this summer but he seems set to stay and unless he turns his performances around and starts the season in sixth gear, Hazard could be the first casualty of the Conte era, well at least one of the bigger names to face the axe with the Italian taking over at Stamford Bridge.

Cesc Fabregas

Another star who really hit rock-bottom was Cesc Fabregas, the Spaniard, who was almost incredible the season before as he passed and created goals for fun, seemed to have found his kryptonite and seemed to have forgotten about of his abilities and skills.

Wayward passes, losses in concentration and all around tom foolery seemed to be the only way for Cesc to play. Everyone would remember that game at White Hart Lane where he couldn’t pass the ball correctly to even one Chelsea player that pretty much summed up his season in a nutshell.

The 28-year-old might have to do a lot of work under Conte and if he isn’t able to at least ping the ball around with accuracy, Fabregas would be another casualty of the axe that Conte is carrying around.


This was a panic buy if nothing else from Jose Mourinho and boy did it fail big time. The former Barcelona star was appalling in the side and only showed a couple of glimpses as to why, at one time, he was one of the best in the world.

Pedro did score seven goals in the Premier League but a lot more was expected of the multiple La Liga winner. Under Conte he would have to play a much more aggressive game with a high work rate and cannot be playing just at the top of the attack.

Conte will have no issues in getting rid of players he does not trust and will pull no punches. This season could well make or break a few Chelsea players, even the ones not listed above will have to be extra careful as the mad maniac takes charge at the bridge.