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3 Arsenal Rejects Who Are Having An Impressive Season

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Sometimes letting some players leave isn’t what’s best for you, but you have to do it anyways if you want them to get some playing time and regain their form, or you just don’t want them to lose any market value, but don’t have enough space on your current roster to give them minutes.

It often happens that rejected players thrive elsewhere and you start to regret the fact that you allowed them to walk away from your team, as you start to see what you’ve been missing while having these guys on the bleachers, and Paul Pogba is the perfect example of it.

A team that has always been very good when managing their players is Arsenal, as Arsene Wenger has proven to be an outstanding boss when it comes to developing talent and making all the pieces fit in his scheme over the course of 20 years in the command of the North London institution.

However, he has made some mistakes along the way, and now that his team is on the verge of yet another title-chasing campaign and is starting to slow down as they usually do at this stage of the season, he should definitely miss some of the players he let go.

So, let’s take a look at 3 Arsenal rejects that are having an impressive season right now and could be thriving at the Emirates Stadium.

Wojciech Szczęsny

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The Polish goalkeeper was let go on loan to AS Roma in order to make room for both David Ospina and the veteran Petr Cech, who arrived from Chelsea after being sent to the bench to let Thibaut Courtois take the reins.

However, both Ospina and Cech have been kind of clumsy at certain times, while Szczesny’s having one of the best years in his career in Italy, becoming an instant fan favourite and it’s very likely that he decides to extend his stay at Rome, where he’s been treated as he should.

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