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£250,000-a-week For Rooney? Why Should Arsenal Go For It

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With Wayne Rooney handing over a transfer request to Manchester United , he is being linked to a number of Premier league clubs as well other Europe big shots. One of the rather odd rumour was when Rooney was linked to Arsenal, Manchester United’s bitter rival. Although a move like this would be still very much unlikely and considering the fact that Rooney demands  £250,000-a-week salary which is a show stopper for Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy, we list here a few reasons why Rooney joining the Gunners could help both the player and the club alike.

Restoration of the faith of fans

Ever since Van Persie has moved to Manchester United the previous season, the supporters of the club have suffered a loss of morale. They have certainly grown tired of a number of their beloved players leaving the team for better salary or other reasons. Many have questioned the ambitions of Wenger and have held him responsible for this state of affairs. It is now an urgent necessity for the club to make a big money signing and making Rooney that big money signing would help the fans to gain morale and give them something to cheer about. This also send a message to the supporters of the club as well as to other clubs that when it comes to big money transfers Arsenal are not a one way traffic and they do have the capability to bring the biggest of names to the Emirates.

Their need of a striker

A striker was already on the wish list of the club with Wenger monitoring the likes of Jovetic, Remy and a few others. Signing Wayne Rooney would solve their striker crisis at once and club would in a much better shape with Rooney playing in the forward with Cazorla, Wilshere and Walcott assisting him in the midfield. Although Giroud has had an average debut season, he is no match for Rooney and having Rooney in the front would definitely take the team to new heights.

A motivated Rooney

It is a bit unfortunate that Rooney, who was the most vocal advocate for Van Persie to be joining United, was pushed to the sidelines once the former Arsenal player arrived at the Old Trafford and his role in the team practically diminished in the past one year. This would certainly motivate Rooney to prove a point to the United hierarchy and to the world that at the age of 27, he still has top class football left in him and on his day can run through any defence of the world.

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