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£20m, Right Price For United Target Ilkay Gundogan ?

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Manchester United have yet been linked with a transfer mover for yet another Dortmund player and this time its the youngster Ilkay Gundogan. Whilst it may be just plain media rumors to link the youngster with United, it does highlight somewhat a wider point: Ilkay Gundogan is another young prodigy that Dortmund has managed to groom. In the recent past there has always been a news connecting both the clubs and after months of speculation about Robert Lewandowski’s future, the striker is still at Dortmund and United have only managed to lay their hands on the Japanese International Shinji Kagawa. And though Kagawa has not established himself at United, it is something he will do in the near future. 

Ilkay Gundogan scouted by United

Coming back to Ilkay Gundogan, the youngster has so far made five appearances, scoring a goal and an assist for the club and continues to look better every time he steps in to the pitch. Daily Star is the first to report that United are looking out for a midfielder Ilkay Gundogan is Sir Alex Ferguson’s January target. However, Gundogan is rated as £20m by Borussia Dortmund. For a 22-one-year old youngster playing in Bundesliga, £20m price tag is somewhat scary and would make any manager think twice before going out and putting in a bid for the player. 

However it is safe to say that he’s earned his price-tag. He’s proven himself in the Bundesliga at such a young age and looks to have a big future ahead of him. Gundogan is known for his hard nature and physical presence, traits that are very much in need for any premier league club. And for United who are looking for someone to replace Scholes, Gundogan could provide an excellent solution and his signature will only raise the competition in the squad as Tom Cleverley is the man who is been touted as the direct replacement of Scholes. 

Sir Alex may well consider him for the role. Gundogan has certainly shown that there’s more to his game than simply breaking up play. He is also good in placing the balls in between channels to unleash the attackers. If United are able to lay their hands on the youngster, Sir Alex Ferguson can probably groom another youngster into a potential superstar. 

In other news, Tottenham Hotspurs are also rumored to be interested in the youngster. Manager Andre Villas Boas wants to increae their depth in midfield and is scouting for the German youngster. 

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