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2022: Top Soccer Leagues in the World

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Soccer is arguably the most played sport in the world. In recent years, it has gained more popularity and its players have become famous. This sport is full of fun and luck. Is that why soccer is loved? 

One of the many reasons soccer is loved is because it is a game available to everyone. Children, adolescents, or adults can all play soccer. 

This freedom of participants in the sport is where it gets a large fan base. It also has the strength to incite interest in any kind of person. Most sports fans are people from different spheres of influence. Sports serve as a bond of unity and cohesion for them all too. 

For gamblers, soccer isn’t much about the fun but also the possibility that presents to them. Many players have earned a fortune from soccer betting. 

Every soccer league has its distinct features. This feature makes gamblers’ predictions easy or hard. Some leagues are harder and more uncertain. This knowledge will assist players in making sound wagering decisions.

Here are the top 5 soccer leagues in the world in 2022

1. The English Premier League (EPL) 

The EPL has risen in the ranks above all other soccer leagues in the world. It recently had total revenue of over a billion pounds from TV rights. 

Moreso, it has undertaken some player transfers with a huge amount of money. It is regarded as the most watched on the planet. Its games are played with standard equipment, and its stadiums are well-built.

Many fans and sports enthusiasts bet on Premier League games every week and earn a lot from their wins. The league is seen as competitive, so it takes a smart and knowledgeable gambler to predict well to cash out. 

2. La Liga 

La Liga Santander is one of Europe’s biggest leagues based in Spain. It is well known because of the dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League, the former winning it over ten times. 

It once hosted the best players in the world, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, Raul, Delima Ronaldo, and Neymar.

Many sports fans have placed bets on the Barcelona and Real Madrid rivalry, which is termed El Classico. It is the most popular of all La Liga matches.

3. Bundesliga 

The German Bundesliga is one of the most engaging leagues of all time. It is known for its strength, tact and resilience. The Germans always take it all out on the field. 

Popular teams include Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Borussia Mönchengladbach, etc. 

All teams keenly fight for the Bundesliga league title. Bayern Munich has the record of the highest holder in the league. It has also popularized players like Robert Lewandowski, Robben, Frank Ribery, Jadon Sancho, Thomas Mueller and many more. 

4. Italian Serie A 

The Italian league is a popular one in Europe. It is largely dominated by Juventus, with other teams fighting to overthrow them. 

It became popular for its players’ dominance in the international space and individual awards. For example, Nedved, a Juventus player, won the Balon d’Or in 2003. Plus, Italy, too, has been a threat in the world cup games and the Euros.

The most popular teams include Inter Milan, AS Roma, Juventus, AC Milan, etc. 

Many bettors earned a huge profit when Cristiano Ronaldo was transferred to Juventus. It brought some level of predictability and dominance to the game.

5. Ligue 1 in France

The French Ligue 1 is a league that is beginning to gain big traction in the sports world and sits at number five in the top five. It is well known for its investment in big players with incredible transfer fees. For example, Neymar and Mbappe were signed to PSG for a sum of over four hundred million euros. 

It also has key players like Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos among others. With these star players, its viewership is increasing on a geometric progression. 

In a matter of years, it will stand as a competitor to the Premier League. Betting on Ligue 1 matches has some level of certainty to it because the league is largely dominated by Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

Soccer betting is a lucrative venture for gamblers who understand the nitty-gritty of each league. Betting, if done well becomes an avenue to earn periodically over a series of soccer games.